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For a better world, we need to lead a healthier lifestyle with zero wastes. We need to do a little work by ourselves to grow organic foods. If you are concerned about the growing environmental issues, it’s time to recycle the biodegradable wastes into fresh organic produce via CompoPonics available in Canada. It integrates the composting process and the aquaponics technology to onsite recycle biodegradable solid wastes, wastewater and exhaust gases into organic foods.

Composting + Aquaponics- It Recycles
Solid Wastes
CompoPonics is designed to recycle the biodegradable solid wastes into organic components.
Waste Water
It utilizes Aquaponics technology to ensure onsite recycling of unwanted or wastewater.
Exhaust Gases
CompoPonics establishes a closed loop recirculation of gases, such as carbon and nitrogen.
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Did you know that waste management is the largest single expense for cities? The CompoPonics ™ units can save everyone with money.

At CompoPonics, we are looking for the right people and capital to co-found the CompoPonics business based on USPTO patent 9,617,191, CIPO patent 2,959,846, and WIPO PCT patent pending Apparatus for Resonant Vibratory Agitating (filed on March 12, 2018 with Application Number: PCT/CA2018/050295).

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Looking to Recycle Biodegradable Waste into Organic Food?

CompoPonics provide onsite recycling of water, gases, nutrients, carbon and energy.